Which Auto Wax is Best?

Different people have different expectations as to what they want from a car wax. Some want easy application and easy removal. Some desire depth of color, others want long last. Some wax every few weeks…to them, last is not important. Some want a wax that contains an abrasive polish to remove swirl marks, dirt and oxidation as it is rubbed on.
Those who wax frequently, avoid such products because the abrasives they contain unnecessarily remove a little bit of paint with each use. Although choosing a car wax seems like a simple task, doing some research reveals there are many factors to consider.
Waxing your car with product ‘B’ and then trying to remember how it looked 3 months ago when product ‘A’ was applied is a very difficult if not impossible way to grade wax formulations.
Trying to select a wax by reading the advertising of wax manufacturers may not give you the ideal results for your specific vehicles. 
Judge with your own eyeballs! Doing side by side tests of the various products you are considering is an excellent way to determine which wax or wax and polish combination works best for you and your particular vehicle.